FILLMATIC – A new star is born!
  • Vacuum ink-filling system
  • Professional, fast und precise
  • Product launch: remanexpo@paperworld EU 2012
  • Messe Frankfurt in Hall 4.0 Booth H13

FILLMATIC – A new star is born!

The innovation at remanexpo@paperworld 2012 Messe Frankfurt

Vacuum ink-filling system. For professional, fast und precise refilling.

  • top design + quality
  • stabil aluminum housing
  • direct ml input
  • 4 independent inklines
  • simultaneous Start/Stop-function
  • innovative vacuum system
  • LED working lamps
  • priming function
  • FILLMATIC is made for professional, precise and fast vacuum refilling of inkjet cartidges, current and upcoming models.
    Top design and top qualiy combined in a stabile aluminum housing.High tech components as the big LCD display, illuminated stainless steel buttons and stainless steel surfaces indicating the elaborate design.

    FILLMATIC´s exclusive and innovative control system ensures absolute professional refilling with outstanding precision. The only filling equipment in the market, in which the desired ink volume is entered directly in milliliters without any conversion. In addition the control system offers a ink volume calibrating function. The 4 integrated inkline pumps can be started and stoppt simultaneous or independent.

    FILLMATIC has an innovative vacuum system which guarantees equal ink distribution into the cartridge and a bubble-free flow of the ink.     Because of the special round shape from the vacuum chamber, vacuum is generated more even and much faster as in square chambers. The transparent top cover and the LED working lamps taking care about best sight into the vacuum chamber. For releasing vacuum, three options are available: automatic slow, automatic fast and manually.

    FILLMATIC comes with cartridge priming and emptying function, to bring every cartridge faster to a perfect printout.



    Am Sandacker 20
    93080 Pentling

    Fon: +49 (0) 941 6307795
    Fax:+49 (0) 941 6307796
    e-mail: info@refillmachine.de

    presents FILLMATIC at:
    EU 2012
    in Frankfurt / Main from 27.  -31. January 2012
    in Hall 4.0 –Booth H13
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